Page Three specializes in creative companies, no matter if you market your creativity through art, design, software or a physical product

All businesses are foundationally made from the same parts. Your industry, leadership, and culture adapt these foundational structures to make your company unique and successful.  What makes you unique also creates friction.  This friction can cause profit loss, inefficiencies, and can eventually crack the foundation.

Page Three helps you find the friction points and address them to solve your problems and advance your company.  We will learn your industry and company’s uniqueness, working with you and your team to streamline your processes and enhance your uniqueness. In the end, you will have well-documented systems and processes, the information to measure the foundational pieces to maintain and provide insight in the future.

There Every Step of the Way

Evaluation to Solution

1. Initial Assessment

Thirty minutes going over your issues or concerns. We systematically flush out the problem and allow you to get to know us.

2. Problem Statement and Data Collection Plan

Page 3 provides a written proposal outlining the issue as discussed in the assessment and a recommended data collection plan.

3. Data Collection and Analysis

Implement the collection plan and analyze the data.

4. Problem Statement and Implementation Plan

Page 3 provides a written report that summarizes the findings from analysis, restates the issue and provides an implementation plan.

5. Implementation Support, Maintenance and Evaluation

If requested, Page 3 will oversee the initial implementation, continuing evaluation and maintenance of the plan. Providing onsite or remote consultation.


Our Diverse Experience Leads to Your Diverse Solutions

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