Past Projects

Each problem to be solved is very different, but Page Three follows the same process to get to a solution.  Below provides past projects and summary of the steps of the in process to reach a solution and implementation.

OpenForge * Mobile App Developer

New Program Manager needed assistance creating end of year projections

Assessment of Program Managers skill set, review of ongoing projects and planned labor, labor rates, and projected incoming work and clients

Program Manager’s lack of experience is masking her abilities and influencing her confidence to complete the task.  This is also compounded by the need to adapt and supplement internal processes to complete the end of the year projections.

Program Manager to collect projection data from all project and department leads to supplement existing data using language and outline provided by Page Three.

Data collected and Page Three created a spreadsheet to collect, analyze, and report the end of the year projections.

Program Manager coached through the analysis and reporting of the end of the year projections. The owner was able to make needed financial and resource decisions. The program manager created a list of process improvements to streamline processes in the future.

A Smyth Co * Small Consumer Product Designer and Manufacturer

Producing new products is expensive and a certain percentage of new styles fail in the market.

Current creative and production process, supply chain flow, historical sales data and product release dates

There is a high cost to produce and test product in the market and also results in large amounts of inactive inventory.  Design and copy pairings can vastly change the success of a product

Creation of a consumer online test group to review copy and design prior to development and production. Use results to focus design proceed and production

Page Three researched cost effective online survey platforms, designed survey questions and a deployment/data analysis process.  Created a reusable spreadsheet and evaluation metrics for future tests.

Streamlined design process and release schedule. Reduced production run numbers for new products released while increasing overall sales and decreasing inventory by a third.

Civica * Association Management Company

Non-Profit client’s mentorship and education programs are outdated and participation is down.

History of programs, interviews with members, industry overview

Diversity in membership’s company size and limited numbers of available mentors creates a strain on the volunteers to provide diverse and quality mentorship and educational programming.

Creation of a knowledge repository and educational cohorts to meet the needs of the association’s most populated and high need membership track.

Outlined needed whitepaper and videos to create an educational base for the industry.  Detailed a potential cohort program to bring communities together.

Waiting 2021 funding.

Greeting Card Association * Non-Profit

Membership is in decline and the volunteers are not engaged.

Membership data over 3 years, member company demographics, interviews with past, current and potential members

The industry the Association is serving is very diverse in company size and therefore the desired service from the association. The Association’s focus for many years has been driven by the larger companies in the industry. This has caused its membership model to be shifted towards the larger companies and smaller companies are unable to define value in membership.

Sub-branded membership focused on services and products focused on solving industry-specific smaller business issues.

Page Three designed process and functionality on the new online community, consulted on branding, developed on-boarding process and data collection, value proposition, and evaluated website solutions and cost.

On going

Software Development Department * Defense Contractor

Employee’s are disengaged and retention is dropping.

Employee and Leadership interviews, work flow observation, retention numbers

Employee disengaged on many levels, recognition and rewards, operating environment, leadership, and peer to peer connection and knowledge sharing.

Respecting the larger companies systems and long lead time for change, focus on the operational environment and peer to peer connection.  Create an internal community that bonds together to address and support the companies larger issues.  Restructure the work environment to focus on peer engagement and knowledge sharing. Create an open floor plan and team work spaces.  Implement dynamic work flows that force short and concise daily meetings.  Create lower level leadership positions to create ownership.

Reorganized and created functional teams and cross functional leadership positions. Restructured floor plans to create open concept team work environments with informal meeting space. Implemented 360 degree reviews, online feedback and management and employee one on one schedules.

Open floor plan and team meetings increased knowledge sharing and community. Employee retention flattened and pride in the department increased. An increase in employee’s transferring from external departments.  Slight outflow of experienced workers do to the change in culture.

Small Consumer Product Designer and Manufacturer

High inventory count at year end and high production costs

Sales data, contribution margin calculations, production schedule, and inventory history

Using incorrect metrics to evaluate sales, costs of goods, and margin to make inventory decisions

Update and tracking cost of goods metrics, use these to guide print runs and release sizes.

Page Three created spreadsheets linked to the companies accounting software reports to create reusable metrics to guide production decisions.  In a written report and in person explained the metrics, how they are calculated and how to use them in production decisions.

One third reduction in operating expenses, 9% added to margin and reduced inventory on hand

Greeting Card Association * Non-Profit

Long term industry trade show was moved and consumed by a larger trade show.

Retailer, designer, and sales rep interviews, industry survey and leadership history

Industry is tired of standard format trade shows and high expenses and desires to connect through community.

The launch of an association owned trade event in replacement of the lost trade show.  Using data collected, reshape the length, floor plan and expense structure.

Page Three evaluated the data collected to redesign the show floor, provide community space and reduce expenses across the board.  Planned volunteer engagement to reduce overall costs and increase engagement.

The successful launch of the trade event, Noted, and the continuation into a second year.  The association increased membership in direct relation to the event and is looking towards a profitable second year.


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