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As a community, it is time to collect the data that everyone in the industry wonders about. Makers, Manufacturers, Retailers, Sales Reps, Designers, Artists, Copywriters, and all of the companies that support our industry: together we can answer some of the basic questions that as of now are a combination of myth, ancient studies, and folklore.

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What are we trying to uncover?

Designers, Artists, and Copywriters

  • How many greeting card companies are your clients?
  • How do you discover new partners?

Makers & Manufacturers

  • What is the average wholesale price? Is there a regional difference?
  • What percent of the industry is printing letterpress?
  • What is the top marketing channel for retailer discovery?
  • What release schedule is expected in 2021?

Sales Representatives

  • What is the top channel for the discovery of new lines?
  • What is the density of rep coverage across the country?
  • What is the average number of card lines you carry?
  • Do you use paper catalogs?


  • What is the top channel for the discovery of new lines?
  • What is the average number of card lines you carry?
  • What is your preferred way to order?
  • What percent of your offering is birthday?

Industry Support

  • What services are offered?
  • What regions have the most support?
  • What is the preferred way to connect with companies?

Who has responded so far?

Total Respondents
Sales Reps
Industry Support
Designers, Artist and Copywriters
What happens after the data is collected?2020-11-17T18:45:25+00:00

After a large portion of the community responds, I will analyze the data and create a series of reports. Everyone that responds to the survey will receive an industry overview based on the data collected.  The report will contain general trends, size, and a way to understand the overall industry and your company’s current place in it. You can download some other general papers below.

Can I see all of the questions that are part of the survey?2020-11-17T18:37:32+00:00
Don’t I know you from something else?2020-11-13T17:34:01+00:00

Hi, I am John Smyth.  I have been in the industry for 10 years, first as the co-owner of A Smyth Co., then in the leadership of the Greeting Card Association, and finally as the co-creator of Noted.

Page Three Consulting and this survey are part of my COVID pivot.  This survey is not connected to any of the other organizations.  The pandemic has put pressure on all parts of our industry, and my goal is to use what I am good at, connecting people and data analysis, to help all industry players make the best decisions moving forward.

What is the Goal?2020-11-16T15:11:31+00:00

The goal of the Greeting Card Industry Survey is to collect, analyze, and provide insight across the industry to assist all players in making informed decisions. Our knowledge of the industry came from educated guesses, lore, and pieces of outdated information for too long.  Together we can collect information to set a foundation of knowledge.

We are looking for partners to help spread the word and creating opportunities along the way

Retailers/Sales Reps Find New Product

Makers Connect with Retailers

Sales Reps Connect with Retailers


Current Partners

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