Thank you for your interest in supporting the greeting card industry survey.  As we collect the data, we also have an opportunity to create new connections. This year has tried its best to limit and alter the way we connect, so we will embrace the change. Each of the opportunities below is intended to allow the community to use the survey as a platform to discover new products, suppliers, and create new relationships.

Makers connecting with Retailers

Makers, be part of the reward! We are building prize boxes for a select group of retailers that respond to the survey. We would love for you to be part. You submit a set of six of your best sellers and a catalog to be included in the box. We will send 5 to 7 sets from different makers to retailers across the country. Submit 1 set or submit 100, it is up to you. Fees cover shipping and handling.

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Makers connecting to Sales Reps

Connect online with sales reps around the country. Makers, be part of our New Maker directory. A simple gallery for sales reps and retailers to explore makers just starting in the industry. (0 to 3 years in business) Display a best seller and a link to your full line. We will provide all sales reps and retailers that respond to the survey access to the gallery. Limited spaces are available. Fees cover the time to create and maintain the gallery.

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Sales Reps connecting to Retailers

These days, it is harder for the roadwarrior sales reps to get out and meet the retailers in their territory. We will create a connection between the sales rep and all retailers that respond to the survey in your territory. Plus, be part of the Rep Map, a searchable map-based display of reps, their top 3 lines, and their territory. The Map will only be available to retailers (no makers) that respond to the survey.

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