I love working with small creative business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders that are part of a larger entity. I understand the feeling of being on an island without someone you can trust to run problems by and work through solutions.  An outside voice can help focus issues and streamline solutions.

Business Counseling

Most of the time the solution to your problems exists in your companies collective knowledge, but you need someone from the outside to ask the right questions, collect some data and lead you down the right path. Page 3 offers monthly subscriptions and hourly plans to address the day to day or emergency operational issue.

Data Collection

We believe data is everywhere. From sales, to financial, to customer satisfaction surveys, to employee’s emotional reaction to change, all of this data is a part of a larger puzzle in your company. Page 3 will collect existing data, design surveys and talk to your team to collect more.

Process Engineering

Formal or informal everything has a process. Page 3 loves to break them down and make it more efficient. Design, hiring, software development, purchasing, supply chain, we love them all.

Other Services

Establishing or re-engineer processes and procedures to increase efficiency and productivity

Evaluate current business plan, communications and/or company vision. If need the effectiveness of the communication to staff.

Analyze or establish contribution margin and tracking system

Evaluate current expenses to identify cost savings and efficiencies

Evaluate inventory, supply chain, and product cost structure

We haven’t met a problem we didn’t want to solve

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