Page Three streamlines operations for Agencies to unleash their company’s potential by removing the friction of everyday business

By creating flexible and tuned standard operating procedures (SOPs), you and your team can focus on the company’s core mission and clients. No more wasted hours finding documents, onboarding contractors, getting status on tasks, and paying payroll. By learning about company’s uniqueness, I will provide quick, practical solutions and work to get them implemented. This is not just an on-paper exercise.

Every day you and your team are pulled in a hundred different directions. Sometimes, running the business takes more time than providing your services to the client or finding new ones.  This is where Page Three can help.

Call us a fractional COO, Operations Manager, or Process Consultant. We join your team to learn the way you operate and the way you want to operate. This information allows us to create a structure so your agency operates efficiently and you spend less time managing the business and more time growing it.

Creative Agency Streamlined Operation

Operational Audit

An operational audit is a cost-fixed project that creates an overarching process flow for your organization, from business development to service and product delivery.  Through observation, interviews, and embedding on your team, Page Three allows you to continue working while discovering the metrics and processes critical to your growth and help root cause the areas you know are problems and reveal ones that can get masked. We ensure you have the right tools, integrated and automated, to allow smooth communication, people and project management, and data collection. 

No one size fits all solutions

Any process suggestion will take into account the uniqueness of the business you built, the skills of your team, and the ability for you to maintain.  Our goal is to keep each step from initial investigation to implementation as simple as possible.  Focusing on the who, what, where, when, and why, together, we can uncover and document each step of your processes and solve underlying issues with simple, tailored solutions.

Project Management

If you are in Asana, Monday, Basecamp, Notion, or nothing at all, I will streamline and automate your process to allow easy communication of task status, deadlines and resources.

Business Development

Properly managing your pipeline leads not only to additional clients but proper projections for employee and contractor management.

Creative and Content

From creative requirements, content briefs, client reviews, and revisions I will create a flow from one step to another to meet deadlines and keep your clients happy

Website and Software Development

Waterfall, agile, scrum, or Adhoc, good development lends itself to structure. I will work with your team to create a scalable process to grow with your team and create confidence with your clients.


Data collection and analysis combined with the art of creating a successful data-based strategy is at the heart of SEO. We will work to streamline the steps so your team can produce standard and measurable results.

Evaluation to Solution

We don’t waste time or money

1. Initial Assessment

Thirty minutes to an hour going over your the process or processes that are giving you issues or concerns. We systematically flush out the problem and allow you to get to know me.

2. Problem Statement and Data Collection Plan

Page 3 provides a written proposal outlining the issue as discussed in the assessment and a recommended data collection plan.

3. Data Collection and Analysis

Implement the collection plan through interviews, observation, and participation.  Interruptions to you and your team kept to a minimum.

4. Problem Statement and Implementation Plan

Page 3 provides a written report that summarizes the findings from analysis, restates the issue and provides an implementation plan.

5. Implementation Support, Maintenance and Evaluation

If requested, Page 3 will oversee the initial implementation, continuing evaluation and maintenance of the plan. Providing onsite or remote consultation.

So, why can I help?

By Training, I am a Rocket Scientist and Systems Engineer

I like fixing problems.  In my career, I have had the privilege of working on some of the most complex engineering systems in the world.

I am Led by Logic and Empathy 

I am an extremely quick study, love to learn, extremely honest, open, and self-aware. This allows me to provide straightforward, rapid results in any industry.

I have Diverse Experience

My career has exposed me to the operations of companies from two employees up to 100,000. I have worked in the defense, consumer goods, software, and non-profit industries.


Process Consulting for Creative Agencies

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