Diverse experience leads to your diverse solutions

Owner, John Smyth, has logic running through his veins, a passion for data, and the love of a creative solution.  These things shape what we do a Page Three. His goal is to partner with you to find the most logical data-driven solutions to move your company forward and correct pain points.

I have a degree in Aerospace Engineering combined with an MBA. Before I consulted, I worked for large government agencies, companies ranging from 100,000 employees down to two.  I have worked in service industries, consumer goods, and not for profits. I am a rocket scientist, satellite designer, missile defense engineer, software engineer, people manager and a greeting card wholesaler. I have launched trade shows and led non-profits. My experience is diverse, and so are my solutions.

The Only Problem Worth Solving is the Root Cause

Page 3 believes in helping you find and solve the root of an issue or problem. No ban aids or long term temporary fixes.  The principles of systems engineering allow us to get to the root of your unanswered questions and define cost effective solutions.

Complex Problems have Simple Solutions

Even the most complex problem has a series of simple solutions. They might be just be buried in the noise. Page 3 uses the principals of systems engineering to follow the data to reduce the noise and identify the simple solution.

Data is Everywhere

Data is everywhere, because everything is data.  From customer satisfaction surveys, financial records, sales data, to employee’s emotional reaction to change, this data it part of a larger puzzle in your company.

Creativity is the Key

Creativity comes in so many forms.  Art, design, software, people management are all creative. Page 3 expresses their creativity through problem solving, connections and data.


Our Diverse Experience Leads to Your Diverse Solutions

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