Sales Reps, the pandemic hit you the hardest. Difficult for the roadwarriors to hit the road when they are not allowed out of the house.

We will use the survey as a platform to create a connection between you and all retailers that respond to the survey in your territory. After the survey is complete, we will send a personal email introducing you to all retailers that responded to the survey in your territory.

Plus, you will be part of the Rep Map, a searchable map-based display of reps, their top 3 lines, contact info, and their territory. The Map will only be available to retailers that respond to the survey and not visible to Makers. We want you to discover new lines on your terms.

Please sign up as individuals, even if you are part of a rep group.

Fees cover the labor to organize and send emails and create and maintain the Rep Map. $10 deposit and the $40 balance after two months. If the survey cannot hit 20% of the retailer goal of 4000 retailers, your deposit will be returned.